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At Luxury Straw Bags, we are committed to offering the best in luxury, natural and handmade bags. Our bags are sourced from local suppliers in China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. We don’t believe in harming animals or the environment in the making of the products we use and source local handmade products for this reason.

The story behind Luxury Straw Bags can be traced back to its founder, Tracy Pham, the Southern Vietnamese native, who escapes from the abuse and violent relationship and came to the US with her two children to start a new life.

As a lover of animals and fashion, she realized that finding handbags that were cruelty-free was some serious task. There weren’t many unique and stylish options of handbags that were not made out of animal skins.

The true inspiration to start Luxury Straw Bags occurred to Tracy when last summer, she came back to visit  Vietnam her home country and was left heartbroken to see so many hungry children who only had one meal a day and disabled adults who have no help of food or medication. As she probed further, her eyes opened up to the fact that most people living in poverty had scalable skills and were artisans who could make beautiful handbags. That’s when she was fascinated and started buying straw bags from villages to sell online to help to create jobs so they can feed their children. Hence, Luxury Straw Bags was born.

Here on our website, you will find an incredible selection of lightweight Straw Tote bags, Bamboo bags, Acrylic tote bags, Clutch bags. Also, we are offering with a custom name make to order where the customer can personalize most of the handbags with their names on it.

Tracy takes time to add small trinkets to our collection of bags so they have a unique fashion quotient that you may not find otherwise.

handmade detailing design & sewing is the cornerstone of the collection, boasting construction that Natural Straw made from talented individual women and men in Viet Nam and the World. We made handbags for Women is both fashionable and shopping basket convenient travel bag and beach bag or everyday use.

Our products are made from 100% natural materials which is why we rightly call them “Vegan Handbags”.

We step ahead in the world of handbags with natural, handmade products that are nominally priced.

Thank you for stopping by, and we look forward to sending you your luxury bag!

Note: A portion of every sale goes to help homeless children in Viet Nam and the big dog range rescue!

– Tracy and Team

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